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Launching the Morning Mile at your favorite school is one of the greatest things you can do for the health of its students as well their ability to focus, behave and learn. The Morning Mile® has been successfully implemented in over 250 schools and camps throughout the United States, Canada, Cayman Islands and Japan at every age level. Preschools, elementary, middle and high schools all enjoy success with this easy-to-run program, and we’re confident your school will enjoy great benefits too!

Principals, teachers and parents rave about the benefits of implementing this daily before-school walking/running program. They say:

  • Kids arrive early to participate, so tardies have decreased.
  • Expending youthful energy during the Morning Mile before the school day begins, allows students to arrive at class calm, focused and ready to learn.
  • Significant improvement in behavior has been observed in students who run before class.
  • Enthusiasm for school in general has increased, since children are so excited about this program.
  • Quality changes in body weight have been noticed in many students
  • Some students have reportedly been taken off of medicines for ADHD.
  • Parents note a rise in their children’s self esteem.
  • Parents also observe a new interest in healthy eating habits (even though we’re not preaching about eating at all!)
  • Students enjoy the quality social time with friends before school and ability to earn rewards.
  • Student athletes improve at their sport because of increased endurance.
  • Children dropped off early have something productive to do.

Once you notify us of your interest in The Morning Mile®, we will contact you and work together to get your school a sponsor.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page, so you’re informed and properly excited about the program when we chat.  The process is fairly simple and usually goes quickly. We look forward to getting your kids moving in the mornings!

Sadly – our plugin form isn’t working. To start the process of getting a Morning Mile program started at your favorite school, please send an email to Fitzness@aol with your:


Role at School (parent, teacher, principal)

School name



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  2. Thank you for starting this program. I have been trying to implement a program at our school to try and increase our student physical activity. This would certainly help.

    -Kathie Schmidt, MSPE
    PPCHS Physical Education / HOPE

  3. I agree, We have to start at the school level to help fight obesity or at least direct our students on the right path to live a healthy lifestyle

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  5. interested to know about the program and what it takes for us to implement it

  6. The only option on the form above was the reset button not submit button. Please contact me if you can, we are very interested in starting up this program asap. We have principal approval and finally the man power and time to make it happen!
    🙂 Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  7. so ready to start this program

  8. Thanks.

  9. We are interested in implementing this program. The form above does not allow us to submit only reset. Thank you.
    Hollie Lawrence

  10. I am a parent of elementary aged kids and am very interested in talking to school to get this program started! Please contact me with any valuable information. Thank you

  11. I would like to receive information on this program but there is no way to submit the above form. Please advise.

  12. I have participated in this program for a year in Gainesville, FL. Unfortunately I have to move to MD and I want to start this program there. Please give me some information in how to start the program there.


  13. My sister was telling me about the MorningMile program in Gainesville Florida which her grandchildren particapate in. I am looking for information so that I can bring the program to Watkinsville Georgia where my grandchildren attend.
    Thank you, Meme

  14. I am interested in this program for our school

  15. I would like to implement this at the our Middle School. Please send me prices and detailed information.

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