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Morning Mile Sponsorship Banner

Morning Mile Sponsorship Banner


What could get a 3rd grader to run 600 miles at school in one year? Or a kindergartener 300 miles? As President of Fitzness International, I’m thrilled to invite you to partner with us on a proven plan aimed at increasing the physical activity levels of school children nationwide in an effort to fight childhood obesity and improve the overall health of our nation.

Your business can be front and center in this effort as a Morning Mile Corporate Partner.  Not only will you be impacting the lives of children and ultimately the community as a whole, but you’ll have a multi-media advertising platform to promote your company’s support of this very important program.  Your message will reach key demographics of children, parents, educators, and the general public, while earning good will by linking your company to healthy lifestyles and education.

Your role

Schools around the USA are on our waiting list hoping for Morning Mile program sponsors. You can sponsor any one of these, or choose schools close to your heart. Your business would receive a variety marketing benefits while being able to tout powerful claims like, “our schools ran 50,000 miles this year”!

In return for your partnership, we will ensure your contribution is recognized and that your logo goes hand-in-hand with each of the school programs you choose to sponsor. This is an opportunity to make a massive impact on the children and families in a tangible, quantifiable way while linking your business perfectly with physical activity, health and the fight against childhood obesity. We’re going beyond just suggesting that kids get active, we’re giving them an opportunity to pursue vigorous exercise on a daily basis … and we’re keeping track!

Each school you sponsor will be yours for life. The students, parents, teachers and administrators will know in no uncertain terms that you have gifted them with The Morning Mile®. 

Remember, the kids win by learning healthy habits that will last a lifetime. YOU WIN by reaping amazing advertising benefits while garnering the appreciation of those in the communities you support. I’m looking forward to discussing the opportunities for you to join forces with us.

***Please email for a detailed price and benefit package.



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  2. We would be interested in finding out what it costs to sponsor starter kits. We love promoting healthy ideas….but of course, are limited by financing, as any small business is. If we can – we’d love to participate, but need more details.

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