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Top 12 Cool Kid Finds at the Morning Mile


  1. A shotgun start! No … there’s not really a shotgun firing at any Morning Mile school, but you’d think there was. Nothing like seeing dozens of kids exuberantly and anxiously awaiting to bolt the moment their Morning Mile Coordinator or Coach says “go”! Wouldn’t it be awesome if adults were also so eager to run?
  2. Laughter and squeals: Yes indeedy! Hanging out with Morning Milers, you’d never know some people actually don’t enjoy exercise. Yes! These kids think running and walking is FUN and they’re having a blast each morning doing it. Imagine that!
  3. Loafers and ties: Adults need the perfect wardrobe for fitness. Kids don’t. I LOVE watching kids in boots, loafers, jeans, collared shirts and ties running their little heart out. It really simplifies things, doesn’t it?
  4. Dancing: Yep – we provide stereos to each Morning Mile school, so it’s not uncommon to see some head-bobbing and wiggles along with all that walking and jogging.
  5. Families: This is one of my favorite things to see. Parents are usually welcome to participate each morning at most schools and quite often we’ll see Mom, Dad, their favorite 3rd grader and a toddler trying to keep up too! This fulfills my dream come true of promoting fitness to the entire family.
  6. Hand-holding: Little girls are the cutest! Nothing like a group of 2nd grade girls walking and talking while holding hands as they complete their laps. Are Morning Milers required to run? Heck no! Everyone is encouraged to come and participate at his or her own pace. I bet these adorable hand-holders will be walking with their work friends as adults too!
  7. Teen Titans: Middle and high school kids come out for fun … but they’re really becoming more aware of their bodies and fitness levels. Teen Morning Milers still have fun, but they’re more aggressively pursuing a fit body and that’s fun to see!
  8. Support: Watching 5th graders slow down to encourage a teeny kindergartner to keep moving makes my heart swell – every. single. time.
  9. Jackets on the ground: Morning Milers show up on cold days decked out in jackets, hats and gloves. Ten minutes in to a chilly morning’s run … you’ll find all of these “extras” resting somewhere on the ground. Exercise warms us up from the inside out ensuring the kids will feel good even on the cold days.
  10. Relaxed adults: Managing the Morning Mile is easy, so the Morning Mile Coordinator or volunteer for the day gets to chill out and have a nice time. Kids appreciate the efforts and support of these adults too.
  11. Healthy glows: Running and walking gives these kids a super start to each day, helping them burn of excess energy while invigorating them to function and start each school day ready to learn. Rosy cheeks are the best.
  12. Pride: Every last child on every last Morning Mile field across the country exudes pride. They know that once they’ve completed ONE lap, they’ve earned their first straw, they also know they’re on their way to earning another sneaker charm or #100 charm (representing 100 miles completed) to place on their chain necklace too. They wear their reward necklaces with the pride of a Superbowl MVP and know they’ve accomplished something great with every step taken. It’s personal pride – not competitive pride. They’re proud of being healthy. They’re proud of being fit. They’re proud of themselves and THAT my friends … makes them very cool kids!

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