Einstein Elementary Takes Off Sprinting with the Morning Mile



         Einstein Elementary school’s official first day participating in the Morning Mile took off sprinting with over 50% of the students showing up at 7:45am to run with the University of Florida ROTC the day before spring break! Everybody was full of energy, spirits were high and the miles were racking up quickly. Physical Education coach Mark Casey was very enthusiastic about the success of the first morning and said “the kids really take pride in how much they run, and the Morning Mile helps get them excited to start the day off.” All of the Einstein students were running their hearts out, best explained by one of the young runners whom told Coach Mark “Coach! This is exhausting!” Not only the students were participating Friday morning though; parents, grandparents, teachers and friends all tied up their sneakers and ran before classes started. Jimmy Phillips20130322_080745, an avid runner/grandfather joined his grandchildren on the field and had this to say afterwards “ The Morning Mile is great because it gets the kid’s blood flowing, their mechanisms going, and gives them energy for the day.” Ultimately, it was a great morning for everyone and there are many more to come!


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