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Morning Mile Focuses 2nd Graders and Teaches Math too!


Thank you so much for introducing the Morning Mile to Hidden Oak Elementary School.  This has been one of the freshest ideas implemented to get the students active first thing in the morning. I enjoy seeing the camaraderie the Morning Mile helps to foster among my students. It’s good motivation for them to encourage each other while getting fit.  Out of my 18 students, 16 of them consistently participate:  9 girls & 7 boys.  It also is a great time for me to implement a quick review of addition skills.  As each student comes in, excited to tell me how many laps they ran, I would ask them to add out loud, giving our class’ total laps for that morning.  Now, they all come in telling me a total because they are adding each other’s laps before they get to class!

Once the rewards of the necklaces and toe tokens started pouring in, the positive competition began.  One morning I said to my girls, who were not participating as much as the boys “Go run this morning! It’s a beautiful day out.  Even if you run or walk just one lap, I’m proud of you and you are contributing to our class health & fitness level!” Reluctantly, they did and now they are hooked! Lauren says, “I feel more focused from the fresh air blowing in my face.”  She recently started participating in the Morning Mile and is anxiously awaiting her first necklace and toe token!  Now two of my girls have received their first necklace and toe token! Pyper added that running in the Morning Mile “help makes my brain work!”  She recently received her first necklace and toe token.  I have noticed as a whole that the morning atmosphere in class is focused and happy, not sluggish and zoned out.  They are feeling good about themselves and it’s showing in their class performance.  Math is the first subject of the day.  They are geared up and ready to go!

I asked those who participate in the Morning Mile how it has helped them in school or life.  Here is what a few of them had to say:  “gives me energy and makes me strong…makes my energy last through the day…gives me power and makes me faster…helps me think better…makes me stronger and gives me exercise…I’m more focused…gets rid of my stress!” These are honest expressions straight from the heart and mouths of seven and eight year olds!

Again, thank you for providing this activity for our students.  I want all elementary schools across the United States to participate in such a program.  If we can teach them foundational good habits at an early age, I believe they will stay motivated to continue this throughout adulthood.


Valencia C-H Wells, 2nd Grade Teacher

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