Testimonials — March 7, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Mrs. Martin’s 2nd Graders are Energized by the Morning Mile


As a second grade teacher at Hidden Oak Elementary School, I have seen great benefits from the Morning Mile Program because so many of my students participate. Each day (weather permitting) my students bolt to the school field to run with friends for fun and fitness. They are eager to go run, but when they return to my classroom as the official school day begins, they are energized and ready to work. My students also look forward to hearing their names and the names of their classmates called out on the morning announcements in recognition of their mileage completion. When they earn a toe token, I put it on their desk to greet them in the morning.  They are always so excited, and they wear their chains and toe tokens with pride.  It has been incredibly rewarding to see the encouragement that the students give each other.  The Morning Mile has not only increased my students’ energy level, but has also been instrumental in class team building.

Mrs. Tanya Martin

2nd Grade Teacher

Hidden Oak Elementary School

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