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Parent Testimony: The Rowe Family


Our family is very active, consisting of four children, 3 boys ages 12, 10 and 8 and a little girl, age 6.  My husband and I have always tried to be good role models, when it comes to exercise, as we both run marathons and have competed in triathlons. We feel it is important to teach them how to find an outlet for their high energy levels as well and find success in setting goals and achieving them.  When we found out about the Morning Mile program at Talbot Elementary School in Gainesville, Florida we were thrilled and immediately asked how we could help with the program.  I’ve discovered that when you volunteer for something that you are passionate about, you tend to become more involved and enjoy the time you spend helping out, therefore I have been volunteering ever since. 

When the program first started my oldest was in 2nd grade and he immediately found it to be a fun way to start the day.  He also found out that he was a pretty good runner and started setting goals for himself.  He has since run many local 5K races and recently ran a 15K (9.3 miles) race. The running has also helped him in other sports because it has built high endurance levels.  All of our boys and recently our daughter who just completed kindergarten have run morning mile every day while at Talbot and are enjoying the benefits.  They have all run local 5K races now, and feel great when they cross the finish line.  I know it is such an accomplishment and no one can take that away from them. 

The Morning Mile program not only provides a great physical outlet, it has social benefits too.  It is a wonderful way to hang out with friends before school starts and many of these friends beg to come to school early.  They probably don’t even realize they are exercising, they just love being there.  Through the years, the Morning Mile program has grown and many children come to school early to start their day off walking and running.  It has been an amazing thing to witness.  Many of my friends are now starting to ask me about local races and more and more of them are showing up to participate with their children.  I feel blessed that my children all love to run; it has brought us an activity that we will pursue and enjoy together for a long time.

Caren and David Rowe

Talbot Elementary Parents

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