More Morning Mile Fun! — January 11, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Video: Watch 6 Year Old Parker Complete Disney’s Family Fiesta 5K Race


Since almost 65,000 students in the state of Florida now have access to participate in the Morning Mile at their schools, we’d love to encourage these Morning Milers and their parents to take part in some of the Disney 5K Family races. They’re one of the most truly wholesome athletic adventures a family can have. These races are non-competitive, fun and first class all the way. Morning Mile founder, Fitzness International President Fitz Koehler, participated in the Family Fiesta 5K held at EPCOT Center during the Disney Marathon Weekend in Orlando, Florida with her husband Rob and Morning Mile loving son Parker. Parker is six years old and runs about 1.5 miles daily during the Morning Mile at his elementary school. These regular runs prepared him to run a 5K, with a few short walking breaks easily. Parker had a blast and his only complaint after the race was that “it wasn’t long enough”. Check out this short video to see some of the fun the Parker had and don’t forget to sign up your family for a Disney 5K soon! There’s no pressure to run the whole way or even at all! Walking 3.1 miles is a super accomplishment too. Just show up to get fit while having fun!

*Please excuse the bouncy video footage. Fitz shot much of this video while actually running the race!

**See what kids have to say about why they love Disney 5K races.

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