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2015-2016 Testimonials


Check out a few of our testimonials from the 2015-2016 school year!

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“I firmly believe, as a parent and teacher, that The Morning Mile is beneficial inside and outside of the classroom. I have seen an improvement in behavior, eagerness to learn, socialization and a healthy life style for my child and students. Kids look forward to this each morning, and when it’s raining or its cancelled there is a sense of disappointment. My son has reported to me that it starts his day off in the right direction, and it makes him feel good. Research shows this is a great program. Get them up and moving!

Angela Van Loon, Poinciana Elementary, Key West, FL

“My family has benefited greatly from The Morning Mile.  It has done more than just offered the benefit of some early morning gentle exercise.  It has provided an avenue for my kids to learn how to set a goal and make decisions, daily, that affect whether or not they reach the goal they set.  It allows for some nice interactive time for us in the morning.  Our school is generous, in that they allow parents to participate along with the kids.  I love the opportunity to be there and participate with them.  I think it helps set the stage so that they will continue to see the benefit of lifelong engagement in daily exercise. Morning Milers for Life!

The Millers, Morning Mile Family

“The Morning Mile has been extremely beneficial to our students this year. It gives our students the opportunity to wake up in the morning and arrive to class ready to work.  The students love seeing how many laps they walk or run and then converting them into miles.  Thank you for this great program!!

Sharon Ostroski, Fourth Grade Teacher, Holiday Hill Elementary, Jacksonville, FL

“The Morning Mile to me is bonding experience with my children, watching my daughter find a passion and watching my son realize the fun of exercising. She absolutely loves running, and at the age of 8 already completed her first half marathon. Can’t wait to watch what the seed that The Morning Mile planted in my kids’ lives is going to bring in the future. The Morning Mile means healthier children and a better healthier future America.

Caroline Hamilton, Morning Mile Parent


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